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About the owner…

With six full-time employees, John Perkins continues a tradition started by his grandfather. As a third-generation auto-glass technician, John began his trade in Southern California. John has personally installed approximately 30,000 pieces of glass.

John Perkins has been a glass technician since 1979. In 1990, John arrived in Paradise with his wife and young family. As a hands-on owner, John provides a breadth of knowledge for handling both older and newer foreign and domestic vehicles. This close management and involvement ensure that John’s high standards are continued throughout the company. Today, John provides oversight of the day-to-day operations of the business as well as continues his hands-on installation.

About our technicians…

Each one of our technicians works alongside a senior technician for at least one year (about 1,500 jobs) before operating in the field or in the shop without direct supervision. Whether in the field or in the shop, they know how to properly remove and install glass using the necessary tools. Our technicians are committed to providing a quality job.

All technicians have been manufacturer-certified in proper urethane installation. (Urethane is the adhesive used to bond the glass to the vehicle.) If urethane is not installed properly, multiple types of problems can occur. Faulty installation can affect safety and cause further problems. For example:

  • poorly-replaced weather stripping
  • misadjusted windshield wipers
  • untreated bare metal—resulting in rust
  • leaking, and subsequent water damage to interior—resulting in mold
  • leaking, and water damage to electronic equipment
  • interference with electronic devices with glass-based antennas (for example, GPS systems and mobile phones)
  • compromised safety—the windshield is part of your automotive safety system; it supports the roof (in the event of a rollover) and properly constrains a deployed airbag

Our technicians are certified in glass installation and removal. This is critical to prevent leakage and rust around the "pinch weld" where the windshield and the vehicle bond.

About our office staff…

Although we can come to you, you may bring your vehicle to our shop in Chico at 2819 Esplanade. Stop in and enjoy our comfortable waiting room and meet our friendly and competent staff. We can assist you in working through the insurance-claim process.